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phewwww it's been a long time. i am increasingly disillusioned with social media (what's new?). watched a lot of movies (probably too many considering it's finals season. started and am close to finishing watchng M*A*S*H. i've been thinking of a lot of stuff i want to do with my site and coming up zilch partially because of burnout. thinking of spicing up this page at least... perhaps...? but in the mean time i will rearrange my plants and get something sweet to snack on.

ive been on a bit of a music train lately ← said in the tone of someone who's understimulated as all hell. i'm still figuring out letterboxd and whether like. does everybody always comment on what they watch? i might never use it for that purpose just cuz it seems terribly daunting. anywho my recent challenge is I'll just pick a horror movie that there's a misfits song about. its fun. i've finished the one wip webshrine and might upload it over the weekend.

it's only been a week but it always feels like endless centuries. it's been raining for the past two days here too; unknown if supposed to continue tomorrow or no. i've been slowly reading a book on linux i got from my university's library. i want to figure out how to eventually (make? set up?) my own linux-thing on a possible new computer (this one's getting a bit bogus, poor thing).

and this is my own blog so i'm going to complain. i have such such such trouble understanding the entitled, or people who like. purposely make people uncomfortable for their own enjoyment. some kid came into one of my classes today and was acting you know. how people act when they're trying to star in a viral tiktok. it was deeply uncomfortable and distracting... i could never imagine being able to do that! it's unfathomableto me which is probably why it bothered me so.

back to wholesome things; i just played somnium on itch.io and it was so fun! i beat the game but i can definitely see replaying it in like a month or so :3 additionally i am, as suspected, falling into a cd burning frenzy. it's good though, because my cd case still has so many empty slots >:D

what came you may ask. well. my discman is what. BEHOLD!!!

i have already gotten sososo attached like a fuckin. ship captain to a ship i guess. i've had it for two days and i love this silly thing. haven't gotten the bluetooth to work but haven't necessarily needed it. It's Also!!! transparent!!! which you can't see in this picture because i've got my cure CD still in there from this afternoon. but imagine you can see this things guts (COOL!)

this does give me some impetus to continue my Ages Long CD Burning Quest (long-story short accidents happen I have 94 empty CD-Rs) because like. Now I Can Listen to CDs Anywhere.... whoag. i'm going to become the most obnoxious person my acquaintances know.... MWAHAHAHHA

busy week, keeping up tradition of updating fucking. monthly ig. definitely feeling the burnout coming on. ← stared at that last sentence for like 30 minutes. you know what song is good? sherlock holmes by sparks. its getting me thru this challenging time where my mind feels like a bucket with a hole in the bottom of it. or a sieve i guess... gghgh

phewwww its been a while! you wouldn't know that though, reader, because i didn't fucking bother to date the last entry smh. ze whole winter break has passed. made and then deleted spacehey (realized tho i like website, it's still a social media platform, which I.. yick.) have been working on several pages on and off, but idk if that'll continue now that the new term is upon me :/

today's rant is about people who overuse the term gatekeeping... of which I've seen way too many while simply looking for inspiration for my patch-jacket. like. damn. i won't go into it but i might be coming down with an allergy to people who don't understand critical thinking

positives: been listening to Pretty Hate Machine on repeat almost since hearing it the first time. Good stuff. school is interesting so far and I'm hanging out with far more people, feeling social. getting ahead in gender matters. watched a super cute movie and then a super dumb one. thats all for now.

i'm just a transexual slacker at heart babeeyyyyyy. the older I get the more I understand it's all about being creative weird filthy lazy twenty-four sev

hii!! first entry here. it's the first day of my winter break (unofficially). i'm going to use it to live deliciously before the anxiety of having no tasks sets in. this looks like coding, watching cronenberg movie, cleaning my room, and ... setting up tasks to do during the break lmao.

there's no rl plan for journalling here. updates will probably be every once in a while, and interest-driven yknow

anywho. today's moment of transcendence was sitting in the swing-chair at my uni right after my exam, and sitting cross-legged so i was completely separated from the ground. it felt very nice and I can see why chrysali are so prevalent in the bug kingdom