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web manifesto/statement

the more i read about computers and the internet, the more i'm amazed. people came together to slowly build up a machine that read slots in paper over SEVERAL hours to eventually being able to send hi-speed messages across oceans, connecting people who would never have even met otherwise. so imagine you're me, or perhaps a time traveler, hearing this. it sounds fucking amazing. show me the cool stuff.

and then you look at what the internet has become (a monolith, a web of polished white pages and data tracking and no anonymity at all). we really had this cool tool/machine and now corporations made it stink.

yet!! it's not too late, as you probably know if you're here surfing on neocities. there are pockets of the internet that aren't polished, that are self-made and weird and cool. there are fucking gargantuan lists of links for reading, learning, creating and making your own web-experience safer and private and vibrant.

i'm late to the party, but i'm happy to be here! i could've never imagined a year or so ago that this would be the result of me stumbling across a geocities-reboot host... i hope we all continue to learn and create and make this pocket of the internet bigger! not to be a nerd but y'know. there's good in this world mr.frodo, and it's worth fighting for.

i'd be remiss if I didn't link here to sadgrl's yesterweb manifesto.