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i repainted my old clock to look more like this swatch watch I saw on etsy... I didn't however, have the foresight to take a before photo of what it looked like. The clock face used to be black with white numbers, and it had a concave pane of glass over it which I removed because I didn't like the glare.

A clock face that has been painted to show a spooky manor upon a hill with a spooky tree. The background is purple, and pink clouds snake across the sky.

i like it, but I do think that the stars are a little too overdone near 11-12 o'clock... I didn't mix enough purple however, so that's that. I used acrylic paint and a black paint pen! The ghosts are made of thin sheets of shrinky-dink plastic that I cut into ghost shapes and then tacky glue-d on.

These are a couple of photos of collages I've made in the past, cutting from mainly travel and garden magazines.

A woman in a red mask places flowers and leaves next to a head floating in a river. The woman's mask is being held up by a pair of disembodied hands. The head is wearing a crown that says 'Lily' and has one eye open. Behind the two, a castle rises out of the river. There is a Twining's Irish Breakfast tea tag pasted onto the page next to the main scene.

I usually create collages by clipping images I like from magazines or old books and then pasting them onto a surface. I prefer physical collaging over digital because of the tactility... when I have the materials I like to use collaging as a grounding/meditative activity to work through my thoughts.

An arm draped in flowing fabrcs holds up a concrete bowl filled with flowers. The hand is colored with gold marker, and on either side of the arm there are two rainbow stripes.

I really like this one. I forgot what the original photo of the arm in fabric was, but I liked it because it reminded me of the scene in Labyrinth where Sarah breaks the ballroom.

a lot of these pages were created upon the pages of an old book of greek mythology I got as a gift. The book was already falling apart before I started to collage on it. It had a very thin red cover, and smelled very sharply of vanilla.

A statue of Artemis, surrounded by a halo of red lace and teeth, stands in an upside-down forest. She aims her bow at a woman in blue who stands in a desert next to a piano.

The image above is actually on a peice of butcher paper hung up in my room for notes - hence the writing I was unable to completely crop. :P

while I was making this webpage, I was very interested in the copyright laws surrounding collage and other derivative art. If you're also wondering, here's some reading material:

collage and copyright law
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