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  • u can call me spike. i'm in my early 20s. i think zodiac signs are stupid because they don't include the cool constellations like microscopium. i like movies made on a shoestring budget, plants and fungi, and taking things apart!

    the name of this site is a mashup of two of my nicknames (spike and moss) and a real plant!!

  • i swear a lot, will talk about non-pg topics occasionally. I'm also queer and may use "outdated" terminology to label myself. if that upsets you... ok cool bye bye!!

    now that thats over!!! I update this page very seldomly and occasionally revamp it completely on a monthly basis. we'll see with this iteration though... I like it a lot more than past layouts.

    i tend to go crazy on over-promising, so thats why there's only one thing in the wip cupboard right now. its not the ONLY idea but it is the one i'm keeping myself focusing on. so watch for that one!

  • i honestly hate interests list because mine change so often and I rarely have a good memory of them. this time I made a list though:

    activities: learning how to use my CASIO keyboard, customizing my own clothes w/ patches and pins, watching youtube videos about moog synthesizers i'll never purchase, tending to the singular (1) plant I own, getting tchotchkes at the thrift store

    media: phantom of the paradise, star trek, cheesy horror movies, castlevania (the games, i haven't watched the show), lord of the rings (sometimes), m*a*s*h

    musicnine inch nails, the damned, kate bush, depeche mode, oingo boingo, the kinks, the moody blues, the buzzcocks, the undertones

  • i update this page very sparingly, usually in large bursts. (i'm a queer in S.T.E.M. i'm very tired) BUT do not regard this page as dead. i'm pretty good at touchin my code at least twice a month, though the results may be.... negligible. but i usually update the changelog so you can at least tell what's changed or that i'm working on the site.