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i bid you,,, vvelcome

hey! this is spike, ur local horror queer. welcome to my 4th (5th..?) iteration of this site. i love all stuff campy and scary and gross and freaky. If you like that stuff 2, feel free to look around!

as u can probably guess, there might be discussions of triggering content, particularly w/ horror! I'll do my best to have alarms pop-up on such pages if I think it warrants it, so look out for those!

wait a minute....
ur not insane, this page has shapeshifted again!

i changed it again b/c i really like this layout i made earlier this year & the contrast is so much nicer on my eyes...

anyway heres the update log:

3.16.23: changed the aboutme page
3.15.23: credits page up at last :'0
2.20.23: art page yeehaw!!
2.18.23: uploaded collection page woohoo!
2.11.23: made the aboutme page finally gah
2.1.23: new index page, look out for new stuff soon